style guide

any reader can notice that prole•nounce is unlike most other Sandum media. this is to make a clear distinction between our artistic and design movement and most other, more “official” Sandum media. veritum sandus is one thing : prole•nounce another.


capitalisation is the first thing you may notice.

unlike standard english language orthography, we do not capitalise the beginning of new sentences. in most cases, we do not capitalise proper adjectives, either, but we do generally capitalise proper nouns except for pronouns. in other words, the first-person singular pronouns (“i”) will never be capitalised.

personal names and the names of countries are always capitalised, except in cases of intentional disrespect, but we do not capitalise foreign cities (except major metropoles) or administrative subdivisions. we will capitalise, for example, Paris, but we will not capitalise “french.”

we do, however, capitalise Sandum ones: all Sandum provinces, cities, personal names, titles, etc., are all capitalised. even the adjective (“Sandum”) is capitalised. elements of our philosophy and political theories are all capitalised (Libera, Realism, Autarky, Philia…).


like with all Sandum media, prole•nounce uses a mixture of american and british/commonwealth english orthography. this is closest to canadian english.

in cases where english orthography would typically denote a diphthong and the real pronunciation has a hiatus between two vowels, we mark that with an dieresis. e.g., coöperation.