prole•nounce is pronounced. we are a group of writers and citizens from the micronation, Sandus. this journal is purposefully avant-garde and proletarian : it represents our interests, our being, and our politics as sandum citizens.

/ pɹoʊlˈnaʊns / is how it is pronounced. it is a portmanteau, obviously, of the words proletarian and pronounce. originally, pronounce in latin was pro + nuntio, or literally to ‘send forth messages.’ we want to share content that is fun and uplifting, but also serious and purposeful. we have aims except to share messages of our proletarian culture in Sandus.

no missions, no objectives, just pop

State Media Cooperative

why was it pronounced? well, as announced from up-top, the manager of the State Media Cooperative has given us instructions to share whatever we want, however we want, wherever we want—so long as it’s Sandum.

what will we pronounce is never to be expected. we share content of every medium, of every official language without translation, of every genre.

poetry : prose
comedy : satire : tragedy
art : music : video : games

but we especially appreciate content and grammata that reflects who we are as a micronation and what brings us together. we focus on suffering, but also on the personal and social way to overcome it. we want to uplift each other, while also giving each other the space to grow and declare our own liber -ty, -ation, -ality.

we are all Sandum who write consistently and edit this journal, but we also welcome people not from our micronation or who may be interested in our work to drop us a line. that can be done above on the pronounce! page.