citizens soergel, dewitt to quest for the best old fashioned

the Sôgmô and citizen jan dewitt, two big fans of old fashioned cocktails, will go on a quest for the best old fashioned in ann arbour, quercus candida. their quest is scheduled for later this month when both will scour the city’s bars and drinking establishments for the best old fashioned cocktail on a single day. they will publish their findings here on prole·nounce, likely after they recover.

a bourbon old fashioned

the cocktail is variously made. the basic form includes a whisky, a splash of bitters, multiple small ice cubes or one large one, and either muddled sugar or simple syrup along with a garnish of a cherry and/or a single citrus peel. typically, the spirit is a scotch, a bourbon, or a rye. each bartender has their own preferred way of making an old fashioned, while citizen soergel prefers a scotch or rye with simple syrup and one big fat block of ice. citizen dewitt prefers bourbon, but also simple syrup instead of muddled sugar.

since there are over a hundred bars in ann arbour alone, both are excluding restaurants that also have bars and instead will quest at primarily drinking establishments only. they will also exclude bars that do not serve old fashioned or spirits primarily, leaving our bars that cater to beer- and wine-imbibing.

during their quest, they will likely meet many characters and stumble around and into some shady places (literally and figuratively). they will have to fend for themselves and each other as they fight the biggest and hardest quest this summer: jan and will’s adventure for ann arbour’s best old fashioned!

please drink responsibly.